Welcome to Analog Letters. We make tabletop RPGs with an emphasis on storytelling. Our second game, One Child’s Heart, will be available in 2018. Follow our progress and make sure to see if we’re visiting a gaming convention near you!


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Metatopia wrap-up and the future


Our playtests of One Child’s Heart were very successful at Metatopia! Camdon learned a lot and the feedback from the testers was invaluable. We are now working hard to get a finished product in your hands in 2018. Camdon is writing, with Wendy’s help, the GM section right now. We are happy that it looks like we’ll have the incredibly talented Kate Bullock writing additional...

Madness and Desire


Check out our newest game, Madness and Desire! It combines the TV show The Bachelor and Cthulhu mythos. Two things that the world never knew it wanted combined!
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